We recognize that the human body is a self-regulating and self-healing entity– and will strive for health if given a chance

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We have recently moved our Toronto office.

We are now inside Transense Healing Arts Centre, located at:

344 Bloor St. W., Suite 610

To book online, please click HERE. If you have any difficulty booking online, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@pathstovitality.com


Who we are:

At Paths To Vitality, we are your guides to health and wellness. Our clinics offer a couple of services to assist you with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  We currently offer Osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Established in 2008 by two Toronto based Osteopathic Manual Practitioners, our team is based out of two convenient locations (Toronto and Stouffville). In addition to the founders’ advanced training in pain management, Paths to Vitality provides its patients with a team of health care specialists who are here to help you move and feel better.

Paths to Vitality specializes in drugless therapies that are deeply rooted in science. Our treatment plans are safe, effective and efficient. We look beyond symptoms and address the root cause to your health concerns. “Your health is in our hands.”

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Recent Blog Posts

June 10, 2015 |

June 8th to June 30th – B12 shots just $15

B12 injections are regularly $30 at our Parliament location, but for the month of June only, our patients get 50% off! Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that keeps your nerves and red blood cells healthy. It is responsible for the smooth functioning of several critical body processes. It is possible for the body to develop a vitamin B12 deficiency. This deficiency is usually reported with symptoms of fatigue. B12 can be used to treat a variety of disorders including osteoporosis, diabetes, asthma, allergies, depression and sleep disorders. What Can You Expect? Increase in energy and concentration Improved Sleep Patterns, and feeling alert during the day Maintain a healthier lifestyle Nerve Cells & Red Blood...

December 8, 2014 |

9 Points to Using Your Naturopathic Health Coverage Benefits

It’s nearly the end of 2014, and many people are thinking about their extended health care plans. While naturopathic medicine is not covered by OHIP, it may be part of your benefits package through your employer. Dr. Mai Heath shares some points to consider about making the most of your benefits package to improve your health!   1. You may have extended health coverage and not know it. Many extended health care plans in North America cover naturopathic medical treatment. Contact your employer & insurance company to find out what your particular benefits are.   2. Not all coverage plans are created equal. Extended health care benefits may cover a variety of services from naturopathic medicine,...

November 21, 2014 |

The Ins and Outs of Naturopathic Doula Care

Doula means “woman who serves,” but it might as well mean “safe space.” Doulas offer never-ending support without judgment or shame. We will rest with you, watch over you, listen to you meticulously, remember for you, and remind you of your goals and wishes when you forget or feel compromised. Doulas testify to the transformative moments when women become mothers and partners become parents & caregivers. We hold space for freedom in making changes, see you when you are compromised, and provide an advocate’s voice to keep you focused on your goals. Doulas are equipped to help you meet your fears head on and put them in their place.   Naturopathic Doulas differ from...

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